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Now that missions is my life, I have realized a fundamental flaw in my past thinking. Obviously on this journey we call life we are ever changing in what we think, believe and feel about a variety of subjects and missions is no different. The flaw in my thinking has been two-fold but very linked. First, I believe I have recognized a failure on my part to really believe the last words of Jesus to GO to the world with the gospel. The "world" begins at the person next to you, whomever it may be. But it doesn't end where your discomfort begins. I believe most people love Jesus and love the world and know that SOMEONE should go tell them of His great love. It's just that we can't seem to see ourselves in that role. That is reserved for someone that "feels" called to that sort of thing. The problem with that rationale is it doesn't agree with the last words of Jesus in Acts 1. Jesus didn't qualify those words to be relegated to those adventurous souls that are so radical they will sell everything and move to a strange land for the sake of the call. I have discovered this was MY issue and therefore I NEVER considered the idea of being a missionary as a lifelong responsibility. I don't remember being asked to go be a missionary, only to support one.

Again. the second part of this flaw is linked to the first. Because of this flaw, it has caused me to be a little sheepish about asking people to go. It was easier for me to fall into that role of being a weirdo guy that answered the call to the mission field and ask people for money to help ME go. But I was enabling their discomfort with the idea by NOT asking them in light of His words! His words have not changed. He said to GO!

The excuses:

  • I can't afford it (read Phil. 4:19)

  • I don't have time ( read James 4:14 NLT)

  • It's dangerous (read Matt 28:20 part B)

  • I might get sick (read Ex. 15:26)

  • There are plenty of needs here in the U.S. ( read I Jn. 3:17 NLT)

  • I give money instead ( read James 2;16 NLT)

But Jesus still said GO.

I can almost hear the cringing in people as they read. Many of you have comfortable lives, tight budgets and busy schedules. But your heart, deep down knows the words of Jesus still echo somewhere to GO. Giving is good, but no money will ever replace taking a sick child into your arms that doesn't understand a single word you say. It doesn't replace experiencing sweating while you sleep, swatting mosquitoes, cold showers and dirty rides in the back of a truck on a bumpy road. It doesn't replace the tears filling your eyes as they wave to you as you leave after a week of surrendering your heart to someone that can NEVER do anything for YOU. Only GO will fix that.

Will you GO?

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