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Living on Haitian Time!

  People often ask me, “How can you go to Haiti?” Why would you go? Isn’t it hard financially, hot, different language, dangerous? Couldn’t you just send money? How can you leave your family?  Any of these phrases sound familiar?  Sure. You have either said them yourself or someone has said them to you. If you have ever went on mission, that is. The answer to these questions are yes, it’s hard, hot, and trying. But more than anything it IS worth it! As soon as you see those sweet faces, none of those reasons matter. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.

 I felt God calling me to go “on mission”. But where, when, how? I’ve always loved kiddos since I was a kiddo myself. So as a special needs aide at a school I work with kids everyday. So that was a must for me. I felt God uses and molds us for His glory and calling. So He had been preparing me my whole life.

  When? Summers work best for me since I work for the school system, but don’t let that fool you. There is lots of work and planning for months. Yes, I have 3 children and a husband too, but surprise, surprise! They made it without me for the week!

  As a mother it is hard for us to let go. We are needed, but believe it or not they can go on without you if only for a little bit. Ask for help! People are more willing to help than you would think and love being needed too!

  Cost is always a concern. I chose to help raise money by baking and selling to friends, co-workers, & craft fairs. God has blessed me with the ability to bake so I used it. Others chose repurposing furniture, selling shirts, writing letters. Use the talents God has given you.

  Helping Hands 4 Haiti was just what I was looking for and I didn’t even know it. It’s just like family. They love wholeheartedly and freely! They show you so many ways to show God's love. They take you to several places where you can serve. Your heart may call you to help more exclusively with another nonprofit there and they are supportive of this! They want to help the whole of Haiti not just their little part that has called them. Wow! How can you not love that? Freely give because you have been freely given. Sound familiar? They aren’t in it for themselves. They are a family living on mission for Christ where they were called.

  I love having the ability to see Haiti from many different vantage points. A mountain school, a malnutrition clinic, a special needs orphanage, along with their orphanage. So many ways to help! Where do you begin? God will show you. VBS, building projects, caring for babies, washing clothes, you name it they can use you for it. Let your guard down, allow God to work through you & you will be forever changed.That one or ten special kiddos will grab your hand and your heart! That’s when you will never be the same. You will always want to come back. You will always want to do more. You will find a way. That is why...Haiti.

  My ❤️ runs on Haitian time. That is painted on a clock in my home. I have been 3 times now. I have brought 2 of my children with me so far. And I hope and pray I never get used to the feeling of awe I get when you see Haiti out of your plane window, or when I look out from the mountain, or I look into the eyes of a precious child that God loves and has sent me there to be His hands and feet and to show His love.

Gods Blessings on You,

April Malick

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