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What a first week!

So it’s been a week. And what a week it has been!

For nine years now we have been coming to this place. Seeing the unforgettable, loving the kids and serving. Somewhere near 40 flights one or the other or both of us have made to this place.

During the adoption process we were drawn here. We didn’t really know why. We thought it was to see Kerby and Kerlandy. But they were often in school during the day so we ended up tagging along with other mission teams. The things we saw couldn’t be unseen. It moved us. We knew deep down we would be here someday.

We tried to go the traditional route with a couple different organizations but it never felt right. We even told our families a few years ago we were moving to Haiti. But the timing wasn’t there. So we waited.

Meanwhile, God opened a door with Voice of the Children orphanage. I recall Ryan Holder, our friend from Missouri looking at the shack of a structure that was housing the little girls and saying what needed to be done explaining with great creativity what could be done . As he was saying it I didn’t even have enough faith to dream with him. But now 6 years later this very month, the orphanage is rebuilt with an addition.

And we ain’t done yet.

There’s so much to the problems here. Nine of it be solved easily or quickly or economically. In the works right now is the “Hallelujah House” that will house age-out kids that will help them become functioning adults and defy the perpetuating “poverty orphan” problem in Haiti. Giving them educational, social assistance as well biblical teaching about relationships, finances and everyday critical thinking will bolster this effort.

There are many other irons in the fire. Planting a church, a possible partnership for a school for the deaf among other things. We serve a great God with vast dreams for the people of Haiti.

As many of you know, I am blessed to have my entire family here with me right now. I had no idea God would bless me this way! Nine of us got on a plane (except for Kerby still in college) last week and came to Haiti to live. We sold everything and cut the lines to the safety net and came!

Oh, did I mention there was the worst civil unrest in more than 20 years? Democracy is at work and people are very unhappy with the current administration. Not all that different than in the U.S. except it is a bit more primitive here in Haiti.

The economy of the kingdom of God is very different than the natural world. It is fueled by faith in a faithful God. While it has been challenging and a bit disconcerting to move our families here during tense times, not once have we ever doubted Gods call nor considered a reversal of course.

We have waited in very long lines to get basic supplies, paid extortionate prices for some items, rationed what we have and prayed for peace for the suffering people of Haiti.

Nothing has changed. Objectives are the same. God has called and we have answered. Doesn’t make us special. It makes Gods mission relevant and very real.

I have believed for some time that Haiti is a platform for God to show his glory in a phenomenal way. While Haiti is a by-word among much of the world, called a ----hole by the president or the object of jokes in comedy acts and movies, we believe God has something special reserved for this nation.

What better place than the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere? And by Gods grace, we intend to be part of it and witness to it.

For nothing shall be impossible to our God.

Grace and peace. Thank you for the prayers.

Jonathan Carver


Helping Hands 4 Haiti

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